Virtual PowerShell User Group

We now have three ways you can join us!

The original PowerShell Virtual User Group is the #PowerShell channel on IRC at You can join us there in your favorite client or through the embedded IRC Chat window on the Chat Anonymously tab.

However, that's now just a tiny corner of our online PowerShell community. To get the full effect, with special-interest groups and local user groups, language-specific channels and more, you need to join us via Slack or Discord. Both Slack and Discord are mirrored, fully interconnected, with the same channels on each side (with the exception of the voice-only channels that Discord provides), and connected to #PowerShell on IRC channel via the ever-popular #Bridge channel.

The PowerShell Slack has almost 6,000 members, and it works well if you're already using Slack!

Our PowerShell Discord Server has all the same channels as Slack, but with Discord's voice channels and fully-searchable channel logs!

Pick the best entry for you, and join us online!