PowerShell Lexer

This is a plugin for Notepad++ which gives you full syntax highlighting for PowerShell (including v2 syntax). I'll guarantee it works with version 5.2 which is the version I'm using to write this.

You can download the (unicode) plugin, to go with the latest Notepad++ installers, or you can get the old ansi version. Just unpack the zip and put all the files and folders into the Notepad++ Plugins folder ... Or you can download the source.

NOTE: This is Thell Fowler's external lexer plugin which includes a little bit more than just a PowerShell lexer, because it's meant to serve as an example to anyone writing external lexers for Notepad++ ... The language will show up in the menu as "PowerShell*" to avoid conflicting with any eventual implementation in the scintilla base -- which would be very unlikely to be as thorough as this, unless they accept our code, which we'd be happy to see.

A Screenshot

Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting in PowerShell