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Antivirus path by Olivia Wild 13 months ago
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This script returns a path where antivirus has been installed. It doesn’t use WMI (thanks a lot to greg zakharov for this trick).

  1. Get-ChildItem Registry::HKCR\CLSID | ForEach-Object {
  2.   $x = (Get-ItemProperty 'Registry::HKCR\Component Categories\*' |
  3.   Where-Object {$_ -match 'antivirus'}).PSChildName
  4. }{
  5.   if ((Get-ChildItem "$($_.PSPath)\Implemented Categories" -ea 0).PSChildName -eq $x) {
  6.     Split-Path (Get-ItemProperty "$($_.PSPath)\InprocServer32").'(default)'
  7.     break
  8.   }
  9. }

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